Rescue workshop with ice hockey injuries coverage

On June 3rd in the late afternoon hous, after the scientific program ends, we will meet in the Ice hockey Stadium of Ondrej Nepela, where, in the same time as hockey game, a first aid workshop will take place. Each participant will have a chance to try, directly on the ice rink, how to correctly use the cervical collar for fixation, transport spinal board, straps, head fixators and defibrilator. You will be able to try these directly on an ice hockey player dressed in full hockey equpment.

If you are interested in this workshop, please confirm it during your online registration.

The duration of the workshop will be adjusted, so that participants could also watch the game and also participate in the workshop.

Exhibition ice hockey game

During the congres, in the later afternoon hours on June 3rd 2015, an exhibition congress participants hockey game will take place in the Ice Hockey Stadium of Ondrej Nepela in Bratislava. If you are interested in active participation of this game, please confirm it during online registration of email us: [email protected]

Congress Dinner

Congress dinner will take place on 3rd June 2016 in the Hotel Double Tree by Hilton in the evening hours. Participation on congress dinner of congress participants is included in the registration fee.

Please confirm your participation on the dinner during online registration.